Tyler Brown Community Service – 9/1/2018

Here are some details for a Tyler Brown memorial community service event.

Please note that there are limited spots for this event so if you are interested and have the time, I suggest you sign up via the link directly after reading this.

  • Date:  Saturday, Sept 1.
  • Time:  3:00PM to 6:30PM
  • Activity: Help provide a delicious meal to guests at the Hub of Hope!
  • Location: Hub of Hope (associated with Broad Street Ministry).  Directions below.

We hope to see you there.

Russ and Susan


Broad Street Ministry Volunteer Sign-up Instructions

  1. Head to www.broadstreetministry.volunteerhub.com
  2. Click “sign in” in upper right hand corner
  3. Click “create an account” below the sign in
  4. Enter a username and password. Click “next”
  5. Enter the join code “JOINTM” (all upper case); this will automatically add you to your group so you will be able to register for the event. Click “next”
  6. You do not need to select a group from the list. Click “next”
  7. Complete the form with your personal information. All the boxes with an asterisk are required. Click “next”
  8. Click “next” to return to our calendar. Scroll down on the page and select September 1st. Click “Hub of Hope Dinner” and click “Sign Up” to register yourself.

Directions to the Hub of Hope

  1. Starting on Dilworth Plaza, next to City Hall, and facing north (with City Hall on your right), you will see a small café at the north end of the plaza. Walk to it.
  2. Next to the café is a down-staircase (also an elevator if you prefer). Head down the stairs. You will see a low-ceilinged hallway heading toward the Municipal Services Building. Head down this hall.
  3. The hall ends in a T-intersection. Turn right, and the Hub of Hope will be immediately in front of you, on your right.